Structural Steel Installed Oceanfront Property in Milford CT

New Home Build Construction Process Shots.

In this ocean front property in Milford, CT we’ve been contracted to fabricate their entire structure from the ground up.

Once the first permits dropped, we’ve flawlessly tackled the foundations, the structural steel framing, radiant flooring install, and the first floor framing studs. Not bad for a project that just broke ground in the Fall.  Winter doesn’t slow us down, there is always some element of construction that can be moved along regardless of the season.

The team at Carpenter Construction have been hard at work framing out the inner structure. It’s always interesting to see how a modern home is put together, what materials, and what goes first, second, third. All aspects of construction involve important decisions for new build home owners.  For us, just another day at the office, we know what every building needs and we love the process.

Stay tuned for a follow up post with more imagery on the top floor and exteriors.

Carpenter ConstructionStructural Steel Installed Oceanfront Property in Milford CT

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